Burn 2.5

Files deleted by the Macintosh through the trash can are easily recovered using most disk utilities, including Norton and MacTools. Burn securely erases data in sensitive files by overwritting the data one or more times before the file is deleted. When combined with encryption such as that provided by Enigma a user of Burn can keep their system's sensitve data completely secure.

Although Next Wave Software reserves all rights to Burn (especially for-profit redistribution), it is a free program provided as a service to the Macintosh community.

Key Features of Burn

What's new in Version 2.5

System Requirements

This application requires System 7, about 200k of disk space, and 400k of RAM. If you still use System 6 contact Next Wave Software for a version compatible with your operating system.

Users Guide

Read the Burn Users Guide for all the details.

Download Burn from the Nextwave Software FTP site.

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